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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
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nMedia System ICETANK CPU Cooler
Package and Contents
Specifications and Features
Closer Look and Installation
Test Results and Conclusion

Closer Look: ICETANK

The nMedia ICETANK cooler offers great looks and widespread compatibility to its efficient design and included accessories. Even the most demanding application will benefit from the impressive features this product offers. Prices have been reduced over the past few weeks to as low as $26.99 at, which is a very reasonable price from a dependable online merchant.

nMedia System ICETANK

The unit itself sits relatively low compared to other heatpipe-based CPU coolers. With the addition of a 90mm fan, the ICETANK rests very low and is the perfect cooling solution for HTPC, compact, and rack unit cases. The wires on the nMedia System ICETANK have received heatshrink wrapped ends and a braided sleeve. Heatsink fins are both of Aluminum and Copper materials, and add a nice touch to this unique cooler. The Copper material on this heatsink is well polished, and the base has received a mirror finish.

nMedia System ICETANK Front View

A fan speed controller is included with the ICETANK. This item will mount into the expansion brackets of your enclosure, but due to the mounting position it will be out of reach. Most HTPC cases have a front panel fan speed control built in, and most computer enthusiasts who want a fan controller often purchase a bay mounted controller with card readers. For this reason, in addition to cost, I would recommend that nMedia System discontinue offering the fan speed controller with the ICETANK.

The one item in this package that receives little notice is the Copper-colored thermal compound. I have to call it “colored” because it does not list ingredients, and there is no additional documentation with details. I personally found this compound to be comparable, and possibly better, then some Silver-based compounds. It would be interesting to see nMedia System market this item all on its own.


Installing the ICETANK cooler is very simple and straight-forward. No tools are necessary, as the socket mounting plates utilize a direct mount over the preformed holes in the motherboard. You then use the included expansion pins to spread the retention prongs but pushing them into the mounting plate holes, as illustrated. The easy clip system allows you to depress each clip down onto the mounting plate for a secure installation. I found the pressure was very firm, but not excessive, in applying the clips.


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