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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
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nMedia System ICETANK CPU Cooler
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It’s not often that a new company can jump right into a fierce market and offer top-quality products that are immediately comparable to the industry leaders. nMedia System is better known for its luxury line of HTPC enclosures, but with an ever-expanding market a company must grow its product line if it really wants the attention of computer enthusiasts. With a solid base of products offered right from the start, nMedia System has the means to become a major force in the aftermarket computer components market.

In this segment, I will review the new nMedia System ICETANK active CPU cooling solution. I will take a comparative look at the nMedia System ICETANK, positioning it against similar active cooling solutions. We will see just how efficient the unique heat pipe and fin design really are, and whether it is worth it for you to use this cooler.

nMedia System ICETANK CPU Cooler

About the company: nMedia System

nMedia System should not be familiar to you, yet. Like most emerging companies that have made a success in the enthusiast market, nMedia System originates from overseas. With offices in Hong Kong and Gunagzhou, China, as well as a stateside presence in Fremont, California, nMedia System offers a wealth of research and development for their enthusiast line of products.

Northern California, Castro Valley-based NMEDIA SYSTEM, INC. was founded in 2004. The company's vision is to create future home entertainment PC systems that are optimal for today's consumer electronic gear such as Plasmas TV, LCD TV, HDTV and Home Theater Projectors.


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