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Written by Larry Fraser - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 08 November 2007
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Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS
DS207 Features and Specifications
DS207 Interior and Exterior
Synology DS207 Detailed Exterior
NAS Software and Configuration
Synology DS207 Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Synology DS207+ NAS

Benchmark Reviews recently had the opportunity to test the Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. The basic premise behind the NAS box started out as a fairly simple one, allow networked client computers easy access to shared files across the network without the need for a full blown server. While this may sound simple, the NAS boxes of the past have been plagued with horrid performance in the speed department. I should place a heavy emphasis on “past”, because recently that has all changed, and the idea of tolerating slow transfer speeds from a NAS box is just not going to fly anymore, especially with the arrival of products like the DS207+. I guess I just spoiled any suspense as to how the DS207+ performs. This is one incredible little box.

Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS

Like all NAS boxes, the Synology DS207+ enables you to share documents, files, including digital media such as music, photos and videos with everyone on the home or office network. If it stopped there, I guess it would still be a decent NAS box, but would sure be nothing special. While just sharing files might be okay for personal family use at home, today’s NAS boxes must go above and beyond the call of duty of simply file sharing. Fortunately, the DS207+ does go above and beyond, way above and beyond. Not content to just provide simple file sharing, the Synology DS207+ is actually a full office server and much, much more in a very small package. Not only can you access your files locally on the network from a Windows, MAC, or Linux, you can also access them over the web through encrypted FTP. Need to host a web site, no problem, the DS207+ has you covered. Want to push your media files to a UPnP device on your network, now you can. Want to let others on the network share your iTunes collection, easy as pie. Don’t to want to mess with complicated and expensive backup software for all your user’s outlook folders and personal files, no need to now, the DS207+ can handle it, and much, much more.

Synology Disk Station DS-207+ SATA Gigabit NAS

About the company: Synology

While the average home user may not have heard of Synology, rest assured they are no stranger to the business of network storage. Synology Inc., founded in April of 2000, creates next generation Network Attached Storage servers for the international market. Providing a secure way of storing and sharing digital content, Synology products are stylish in appearance, compact in size, and energy efficient. Customer’s investment is enhanced with free software upgrades and 24/7 online support. This makes the Synology product an ideal choice for the Home, Small Business, and Corporate setting.


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