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How Hard Drive Encryption Works E-mail
Written by ComputingOnDemand   
Monday, 30 August 2010

How Hard Drive Encryption Works

Full disk encryption does more than protect specific files on a hard drive; it encrypts every sector on the drive, including those occupied by swap space, temp files, and hibernation files. By encrypting every sector on the drive, you eliminate the need for a user to interact with encryption software to protect individual files. If the drive is removed from the host computer, device, or copier, it is unreadable, protecting the valuable data.

So how does it all work? There are various methods in which Full Disk Encryption, or FDE, works. Some encryption packages work by utilizing the Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, and some require a boot key or password, dongle, or other means of providing the key to decrypt the data... ComputingOnDemand


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