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Written by Steven Hill - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 20 December 2012
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Rosewill Gaming Keyboard RK-8100
Closer Look: Rosewill RIKB-11003
RIKB-11003 Detailed Features
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RIKB-11003 Detailed Features

The Rosewill Gaming Keyboard comes twenty additional keys along the sides and top of the typing surface. On the left hand side, you find Internet related keys for returning to your home page, going back and forth, refreshing, and adding favorites. The top left keys (appearing above F1-F4) are more generally Windows related. You can instantly open your email, Windows Explorer search, calculator, media (iTunes, Windows Media, etc) as well as your My Computer folder and the calculator.


The top right keys navigate your media back and forth, and allow you to put your computer to sleep, wake it up, and turn it off. If you like to play games and listen to music like me, these media navigation keys might seem like a great addition. However, I have found that they often don't work if you're in a full-screen environment like a game. This requires to minimize the window and then press the navigation keys, which is a definite annoyance if you're playing a reflex and timing-based game like a shooter.

The keys on the right (located to the right of the numpad) are more media control keys. These let you pause/play, stop, increase or decrease system volume, and mute. These all appear to work if you're doing something full-screen. The volume keys raise or lower system volume in 2% increments. Holding them down quickly raises or lowers volume. Perhaps in an effort to play up the gaming design of the keyboard, Rosewill gave it a small backspace key. It is the same size as any normal character key. If you have relied on a large backspace key, you may find yourself accidentally hitting the backslash key beside it.


A minidisc comes with the keyboard, allowing you to install Rosewill's keyboard software. This software provides you with three different keyboard layers (profiles). Every key excepting the additional media keys can then be customized to just about any function you want, from a single mouse click or keyboard stroke, to a macro. Any normal key on the board can also be disabled (gamers may like to disable their Windows keys quickly, to avoid accidentally minimizing while in the middle of a heated match or battle).

The macro interface records your desired keystrokes, which you can then fine-tune with time intervals, number of repeats, and whatnot. Mouse clicks can also be included in macros. Say you are playing a shooter with a semi-automatic gun. You could create a macro with your left-click button allowing you to simply hold the button down and achieve the highest rate of fire without tiring out your finger.


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