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Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick Pro
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For as long as I can remember, I've been a huge fan of arcade fighting games: Street Fighter, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter. Street Fighter was the original arcade quarter-goblin, and its sequels were financed by my paperboy earnings. Tekken and Virtua Fighter absorbed any disposable income I earned as a teen. So when game consoles replaced arcades, I was among the first to jump onboard and practice my moves at a discount. Because of exciting characters, you could hardly master one game before the others lured you in - which is why Mad Catz "Street Fighter X Tekken" theme makes sense. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick Pro for PlayStation3.


Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Thermaltake is best known for the variety of cases they've released, aimed at budget-conscious buyers as well as high-end hardware enthusiasts. In contrast to this, they have recently decided to expand their grip on the market by releasing a new line of gaming peripherals, dubbed Thermaltake eSports. This lineup includes a handful of gaming devices such as mice, keyboards and headsets. Thermaltake consistently pumps out quality cases, but are they able to do the same with gaming peripherals? Within this review Benchmark Reviews takes a look at the Thermaltake eSports Black laser gaming mouse (model MO-BLK002DT) and sees how this new competitor fares against the many well-established gaming peripherals manufacturers available.

Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse
CM Storm Spawn Optical Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

When Cooler Master made a splash into the competitive gaming market with its CM Storm subsidiary in 2008, they had the sole goal of "Arming the gaming revolution." After creating successful cases and mice, CM Storm has added yet another product to its line. The CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse is aiming at the more mainstream gaming crowd by providing great features but at a more affordable price. These features include a anti drift 3500DPI sensor, Japanese Omron micro-switches, and 32KB of onboard Sentinel-X memory all of a reasonable price of $49.99. Benchmark Reviews will look if all of these features add up to a great mouse for a reasonable price or if the CM Storm Spawn is just another generic gaming peripheral in the sea of gaming peripherals.


Mionix Naos 3200 USB Optical Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Here at Benchmark Reviews we know that with the turbulent financial markets the way they are these days having a high quality product that can draw customers in and keep them coming back for more is essential. Mionix is a relatively new company that is hoping to make their mark on the computer gaming world. This Swedish company knows how to make a good mouse. The Naos 3200 is affordable, durable, and so comfortable you'll have to use it to believe. Keep reading to see what this gaming mouse can bring to your table.

VisionTek CandyBoard Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

My entertainment room doesn't have a lot of table space, so I try to limit the number of remote controls and media center keyboards used to managed the home theater. My Sony PlayStation 3 has a remote for when I play Blu-ray discs, and the HTPC uses a media center keyboard. While each of these peripherals serves its own purpose, I've always thought it would be nice to have something that combined them into one small device. As if someone knew exactly what I wanted, the VisionTek CandyBoard 900335 Bluetooth mini keyboard materialized into what might possibly be the perfect solution. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests this Bluetooth mini-keyboard for range and performance on both PC and PS3 systems.


Thermaltake eSports MEKA G1 Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Tt eSports is Thermaltake's gaming division focusing on gaming peripherals and accessories and also the gaming culture, their latest entry is the MEKA G1 KB-MEG005US mechanical gaming keyboard. Mechanical keyboards made with the purpose of gaming are fast becoming popular and there are a good handful of companies marketing their wares if you know where to look. Today Benchmark Reviews has the MEKA G1 in for testing and we aim to see if it is worth the $139.99 MSRP that thermaltake have set. The MEKA G1 uses the popular Cherry MX Black mechanical switches and it has two built in USB ports and also microphone and headphone pass through ports to make connecting your peripherals easier. A removable palm rest is included along with seven multimedia function keys and a heavyweight 1.5m "Military Grade" braided cable. All of these features make the MEKA G1 more than a standard mechanical keyboard and enhance everyday use, read on to find out more.


Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

The gaming peripheral market is rife with interesting innovations, some more of a gimmick than useful but still very nice to look at. Today, Benchmark Reviews brings you the Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard P/N KB-CHP001US. The Challenger Pro has some interesting features worthy of notice but also has a few gimmicks to spruce it up a bit and attract more attention. The LED backlights not only light up the keys but they also light between the keys for a nice effect, the WASD and arrow keys have red replacements and there are also two blanking keys to replace the windows keys, should you choose to use them. There are two USB 2.0 ports in the back to facilitate extra devices and there are also two special points at the top of the keyboard to mount a small hand cooling fan. There are six media keys present and 64KB of onboard memory allows you to store up to 40 macro functions via four profiles on ten macro buttons. If this is the sort of keyboard that appeals to you then read on to find out more.


Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter 2.0
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

For many years, there has been an ongoing fight between PC and Console gamers. One of the primary complaints of PC gamers has always been that fact the consoles have "inferior" controls lacking the precision of a keyboard and mouse. Penguin United's answer to this problem is the Eagle Eye Converter, which allows user to map their mouse and keyboard to a PS3 controller effectively allowing users to use a mouse and keyboard with any game in the PS3's library. In this review, Benchmark Reviews will see if the Eagle Eye Converter can quell the control complaints of hardcore PC gamers and help bring two separate communities together again.


SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Benchmark Reviews has tested all sorts of gaming peripherals in the past, today we are taking an in depth look at the SteelSeries 6Gv2 mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The 6Gv2 is the little brother of the 7G and does away with some of the unneccesary features of an already basic gaming keyboard and for a good reason too, the 7G is a little on the expensive side. The 6Gv2 does away with the USB hub, the audio ports and the wrist rest. The price is still a little high at $99.99 but it is certainly better than the price of the 7G, essentially the 6Gv2 is a stripped down version so lets see if it's worth your hard earned cash.


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