NZXT Hades Computer Case HADE-001BK
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NZXT has been making quality computer cases since 2004. They have become a popular brand among computer enthusiests, and for good reason. NZXT cares about style and functionality. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we also care about style and functionality, and when NZXT agreed to let us review its new Hades (HADE-001BK) mid-tower Chassis, we happily agreed. The Hades boasts such features as up to nine 5.25" bays, or five 5.25" and four 3.5" bays. It touts room for up to 5 cooling fans and large video cards, and it also features a cable management system; all for around $100. Will the Hades live up to the NZXT reputation of quality? Stay tuned to find out!


AZZA Solano 1000R Full-Tower Computer Case
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AZZA have taken a few steps away from what is considered conventional with the Solano 1000R (model: CSAZ-1000R) and gave it an extreme bright red interior. The AZZA Solano also boasts "maximum thermal management with fans installed everywhere" to keep your high end hardware cool. In sum, a total of two 230mm fans, two 140mm fans and one 120mm fan work in harmony to provide you maximum airflow. This full tower case supports E-ATX, ATX, and Micro ATX motherboards and the thumb screw design allows for easy installation of seven PCI expansion cards. A plethora of drive bays, including up to ten 5.25" and eight 3.5" bays, allow you to grow your system over time. All the bays have a thumb screw design for easy assembly as well. Are you looking for a new case? Join Benchmark Reviews as we examine the Solano 1000R ATX full-tower ATX case.


NZXT Tempest-EVO Case TEVO-001BK
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Following the success of the original Tempest mid-tower computer case, NZXT tinkered around with its designs and came up with the NZXT Tempest Evo. The two cases share many of the same assets, and are both priced at $119.99. The Tempest Evo features an array of upgrades, including a unified paint job and better cable management. With a total of six 120mm intake/exhaust fans, the NZXT Tempest Evo mid-tower case promises excellent airflow. Benchmark Reviews takes a detailed inspection of the NZXT Tempest Evo mid-tower computer case, model TEVO-001BK, to see how much of an "evolution" it is and how close it comes to perfection.

Lian-Li LanCool PC-K58W Computer Case
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LanCool's line of Dragon Lord computer cases offer two great advantages over many competitors. The first is the amount of customization they provide in choosing a stock model. Rather than simply providing one high end case and one low end case they provide options for several intermediate levels. The second advantage offered by LanCool is their tool-less designs. Many tool-less designs of the past have suffered from compatibility or usability problems. LanCool uses a fresh approach to alleviate the problems of the past while still providing the option to fall back on conventional installation. Benchmark Reviews recently reviewed the PC-K56W which offers snap-in hard drive assemblies. We now bring you the PC-K58W which extends the tool-less design, offers more space, more features, and more room to upgrade.

LanCool PC-K58W Mid-Tower Computer Case

Cooler Master CM690-II Advanced RC-692-KKN2
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Cooler Master is a brand name that constantly strives to offer the enthusiast community fresh new products with a proven track record. Although the original CM-690 was launched back in August 2007, that chassis still remains a popular choice for do-it-yourself computer system builders even today. Skip to 2010, and Cooler Master launches the CM690-II Advanced mid-tower case to compliment the CM-series enthusiast product line. The new RC-692-KKN2 model improves upon the original design with an updated look, and adds a new list of features fitting of the modern technology landscape. In this article, Benchmark Reviews inspects the Cooler Master CM690-II Advanced Edition performance enclosure and determines just how much has really changed in this sequel.

Cooler Master CM690-II Advanced RC-692-KKN2 Computer Case Review

Lian-Li LanCool Dragon Lord PC-K56W-B Case
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Computer cases with enough features and cooling to please any gamer are rapidly dropping in price. Manufacturers are noticing the demand for affordable gaming rigs and reacting accordingly. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the LanCool PC-K56W-B Mid-Tower Computer Case. It is part of the recent LanCool Dragon Lord series that helps bring economic relief to gamers searching for the best case for the best price. LanCool is the gaming division of Lian Li, a very well known name in the computer case industry. Benchmark Reviews is here to pit the PC-K56W against other recent additions to the "performance-case-at-a-low-price" arena. Recently, we brought you articles about NZXT's line of such cases. Will LanCool be able to keep up with features such as their tool-free design? Follow along as we find out.


Cooler Master HAF-932 AMD Edition AM-932
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What is the purpose of a computer case? The unimaginative might reply that it's to support and protect the components that comprise your computer. But just as the base purpose of a car- to transport people and goods- is frequently a secondary consideration to style and power, so to are there other reasons to select a particular computer case: to look cool and to impress your friends! Functionality doesn't hurt, of course, but there are many examples of cases where function takes a distinctly secondary seat to style. Cooler Master's HAF 932 case has successfully melded the two, and now they've introduced an AMD commemorative version, the Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition AM-932-RWN1-GP full tower computer case. Does it work as well as its forebear? Benchmark Reviews examines the case and builds a system in to let you know.

NZXT LEXA-S Gaming Case LEXS-001BK
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NZXT is on a roll. Their line of sub-$100 computer cases brings features to this market segment we haven't seen before, including fully finished interiors, rolled metal edges, and cable management, just to name a few things. The NZXT Lexa S Mid-Tower computer case is one of the more recent offerings in their "Crafted Series" line of cases. Festooned with a sleek black front door with integral LED lighting and fan controllers, this case would look great on your desk. But as a starting point for a new system build, how does LEXS-001BK model stack up?


NZXT Gamma Computer Case GAMA-001BK
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Whether you just need a computer for surfing the web or if you are on a quest to construct the ultimate gaming machine, it all begins with the case. NZXT has recently released a mid-tower case for all arenas: the Gamma. This extraordinarily light case is packed with features normally seen only in high-end (and high-priced) gaming cases, and it brings it all to the table for only $49.99. Benchmark Reviews will take you on a full-spectrum tour of the GAMA-001BK ATX case. NZXT has set a high standard for itself in the performance computing market. Will this case meet that standard with its beyond belief bargain price point? Follow me inside to find out.


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