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The computer hardware industry accounts for a significant portion of worldwide consumer electronic sales, which results in a proportionate amount of marketing and advertising effort expended to help push sales. After four years of aggressively working our way up the ladder, Benchmark Reviews has grown to better understand the industry around us. You probably have an interest in the legitimacy of product reviews, and there's a lot going on behind the scenes that impacts the independent evaluations you've come to trust. In this editorial article Computer Hardware Reviews: Inside the Industry, I share my eye-opening observations and personal experiences with you for the benefit of extending an understanding to others.

Desktop PC Platform: Saved By Overclocking
Opinion & Editorials

The desktop hardware industry was made popular by knowledgeable members of the community willing to share their overclocking experience with others. Passionate hobbyists aligned with similar goals graciously helped eager learners to tweak hardware components until they performed like the next model in the series, but pre-tweaked enthusiast products were slowly driving down the number of people who qualify as overclockers. It's not easy watching our hobby get dumbed-down to the point where the push of a button can replace years of trial-and-error experience. At some point, the real overclockers will return to save the desktop platform.

Desktop PC Platform: Statistical Obituary
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This is the third piece in an ongoing editorial series, in which the introductory article identified several threats that could potentially put an end the desktop PC platform. To summarize that piece, desktop computers are at risk of extinction by a wide range of predators: notebooks, netbooks, Smartphones, PDA devices, and gaming consoles. For this article, worldwide sales statistics make a strong argument against the longevity of desktop computers into the future. Will gaming consoles, notebook computers, and Smartphone devices replace the desktop PC anytime soon? Perhaps the obituary has already been written and we're all just ignoring the bad news.

Website Ranking: Accurate Visitor Traffic Metrics
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Most experienced webmasters agree that constant web traffic is the key to any website's success, but sharing these often-secret visitor metrics to prove ranking position can be risky. In the computer hardware review industry, webmasters often jockey for position simply because it means getting support from the big-name manufacturers. There are various traffic estimate websites available to report statistics to the anonymous public, but while some use hard-gathered data there are others that offer numbers based on the patterns of selected participants. Of the many web analytics tools available, few people can agree on their use or usefulness...

Desktop PC Platform: Killed By Overclocking
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Enthusiasts have lost sight of the original purpose behind overclocking, which was made popular because it could make something slow become fast, thereby getting something more for your money. Then at some point the computer industry went from asking consumers to pay more for the faster products, to demanding you pay more for products you might be able to make faster. This article will focus on one of the lesser-known threats to the desktop PC platform: overclocking.

Desktop PC Platform: Fears and Predictions
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Benchmark Reviews is a consumer technology website that tests gadgets of all types, but maintains a focus on desktop computer components. To this end, we collectively follow certain market trends more than others. Over the past few years, I've personally watched certain technologies such as mobile devices grow ripe on the vine while others like cellular broadband have withered. Yet, regardless of focus, one particular concept has continually ruled the industry: more for less. To some degree this moniker shaped the birth of desktop PCs, but may also very well become the death of it.

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