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The Fast Enough Computer
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While I have not yet and may never recover from my addiction to having the Biggest Fastest Most Expensive computer parts I can afford, the experience I've gained writing for this website over the past year or so has hammered home the lesson that most of the time, I'm just wasting my money. And you probably are, too.

The State of Intel Desktop Motherboards
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The view from the top is very nice, but the price of admission is an unpleasant reminder of what it takes to lead an industry. Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), formerly known as Integrated Electronics Corporation, is the world leader in computing innovation. Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the entire planet's computing devices. With very few serious competitors in the microprocessor segment, Intel enjoys a dominant lead over an entire industry. Strangely enough, the sentiment runs opposite when you analyze their motherboard segment...

Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs Chill Aftermarket Cooling
Opinion & Editorials
There's a lot to like about Intel's new Sandy Bridge desktop processor architecture, from eight-way independent processing threads, to Turbo Boost 2.0 and a shared 8MB Smart Cache, to an improved AES-NI that dramatically better encryption/decryption. Those are all great things, but have little to do with most hardware enthusiasts. Sandy Bridge is the most efficient processor Intel has ever sold, allowing compute performance to set new standards while it overclocks beyond 5 GHz before warming up. In this article we look at the unexpected consequences of a truly modern processor, and how it might mean the end for the aftermarket cooling industry.
Interview with Allan Campbell of
Opinion & Editorials

Everyone has stories from the book of experience that is their life, with some more interesting than others. Allan Campbell operates, a website focused on reporting computer technology news and product reviews. KitGuru is an interesting endeavor, but it's only the most recent chapter from the 39-year-old's life that began with a career in the Ireland newspaper industry where he used hot metal typography, a dying art. Benchmark Reviews present our interview with Allan Campbell, beginning with a few chapters from other parts of his life...

Interview with Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech
Opinion & Editorials
Benchmark Reviews has educated and entertained readers for almost four years already, which doesn't seem like very long if you're looking in from the outside. Operating from within this industry, I've already weathered a few harsh storms and learned several difficult lessons in only a short period of time. This helps to grow my respect for other webmasters and their experiences, as I'm certain they've each got interesting tales of their own to share. In this editorial, Benchmark Reviews is pleased to present our interview with the author and founder of Anandtech: Anand Lal Shimpi...
AMD Radeon vs NVIDIA GeForce: Graphics Last Stand
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Over the past several years of testing desktop graphics hardware, I've enjoyed a unique perspective of the internal happenings that remain hidden from the public. Much like politics, there is the truth, and then there's what you've been convinced into believing. I've watched their tactics, and witnessed their desperate attempts to sway consumer opinion. As competition for sales within the desktop graphics segment provokes fierce competition, it also raises the stakes for the companies involved. NVIDIA's Fermi GF110-powered GeForce GTX 580 sets the standard, but will AMD's VLIW4 architecture Cayman GPU save the Radeon HD 6970? In this editorial article, I'll share my opinion of what appears to me as the last stand for desktop graphics between the AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce video cards.

The Apple Hackintosh Experience
Opinion & Editorials

Our recently published guide Turning PC into Apple Macintosh: Hackintosh described my experience building a Hackintosh, and my thoughts on the concept as a long-time Macintosh computer user. The article was very popular and generated a lot of comments from our readers, some with recurring themes that I want to address here, as well as report on the longer-term use of the machine.

3D Platform Wars: NVIDIA vs AMD vs HDTV
Opinion & Editorials

There's change in the wind, and nobody's really sure which way it will blow. 3D technology, once the land of red and blue, has matured through the years and now offers several new platform choices - some of which won't even require eyewear. Not many people will give NVIDIA the full credit of bringing 3D technology into the mainstream, but if there was a pioneer to be named they've certainly earned the title. Developed on years of stereoscopic vision research, NVIDIA released their first retail product at the tail end of 2008, branded GeForce 3D Vision. The past two years have grown this technology into a central feature, exclusive to their GeForce graphics product line, further evolving into a triple-display capability they've dubbed 3D Vision Surround. From many perspectives, it's appeared that NVIDIA has been the name behind 3D technology, especially in terms of 3D gaming, but the truth is that it's become a rather crowded market.

Why 3D Camera Technology Will Be The Future
Opinion & Editorials

To most people, the sudden industry interest in 3D technology is considered a fad. It's an eccentric marketing ploy for the fringe enthusiast, merely feeding a niche market. It's too expensive, or it's too immature, or it's too proprietary. If this has you believing the skeptics and naysayers, then 3D technology is already doomed to fail. Fortunately for entertainment enthusiasts there's a difference between pessimism and reality, and I'll use this editorial to explore the very real possibility that we'll soon live in a world based around 3D technology. Some optimists believe that 3D is already on its way to being a mainstream technology, but realists should expect it to come in phases, based on supply and product demand. I think it will begin with 3D cameras, and their byproducts: 3D photos and 3D video.

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