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NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Project Denver Unveiled
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NVIDIA made two major announcements at the 2011 CES, and neither of them had anything to do with desktop graphics. The first was their strongest effort to date into the mobile segment, introducing the NVIDIA Tegra-2 powered LG Optimus X2 SuperPhone - a term NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has adopted to describe ultra-powerful mobile phone devices with console gaming GPU power. The other announcement, and possibly the most controversial, is the public unveiling of NVIDIA Project Denver ARM processor.


2011 CES: MSI Unveils P67A Big Bang Marshal
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The International Consumer Electronics Show is a virtual utopia for the gadget geek. At the 2011 CES unveiling event where industry leaders offer an early look at their product showcase, Benchmark Reviews was live on the scene snooping out details and revealing the upcoming product line. Our first stop is MSI, otherwise known as MicroStar International. For those that don't already know, MSI specializes in making military-grade desktop motherboard hardware for dead-serious hardcore enthusiasts... as in record-setting Liquid Nitrogen sub-zero cooling serious. MSI commits to this charge with events like the upcoming MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 competition, but now that we've entered the age of Intel's Sandy Bridge platform everyone is wondering what they'll offer next...


Renice-Tech Mini PCI-E 70mm SandForce SSD Preview
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By now, everyone with an interest in Solid State Drive technology has heard of SandForce. SandForce-driven SSDs have come in 2.5" form factor SATA drives, and also 4x PCI-Express packages. Thanks to Renice Technology, now they're also available in the 70mm Mini PCI-E package. Aside from the form factor, there's very little difference between the Renice-Tech Mini PCI-E 70mm SSD and the many other SandForce-driven products. This 70mm SandForce Mini-PCIe SSD was designed for the ASUS Eee PC platform, and offers maximum read and write speeds up to 260 MB/s.


ProlimaTech Super Mega Heatsink Preview
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ProlimaTech, the company behind the award-winning and record-setting Megahalems heatsink, has released a successor to the overclocking throne: the ProlimaTech Super-Mega heatsink cooler for Intel CPUs. The Megahalems was ProlimaTech's first run at CPU-cooler's, and a very successful one at that. Having already earned the Benchmark Reviews Editor's Choice Award and countless accolades from other websites, ProlimaTech has built high expectations with their follow-up products. The Super Mega is ProlimaTech's plan to remain seated comfortably at the top. In this exclusive article, Benchmark Reviews examines the ProlimaTech Super Mega and illustrates the improvements made to the original Megahalems design.


2010 CES: Computer Technology Highlights
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The International Consumer Electronics Show offers a vast and overwhelming panoply of products, with exhibitors ranging from tiny, two-man booths from unknown Taiwanese companies to 4+ acre spreads from Microsoft and Intel. In addition to CES exhibits in the Las Vegas Convention Center, vendors have invitation-only hospitality suites set up in various hotels around the Strip. With over 2,700 exhibitors from more than 140 countries, you're not going to see everything even if you spend every waking moment traipsing the show floor. What follows is a list of things which caught my eye, or that I thought were technically cool; it's in no way comprehensive, or even very organized, but should give you some idea of what the show was like.

2010 International CES Computer Technology Highlights

Cooler Master HAF-X Case Unveiled at CES
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During the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Benchmark Reviews was fortunate to see several new products unveiled for the first time. Most manufacturers in attendance used CES to reveal their recently launched product line, while others demonstrated existing product series. With all of the new products making news, a few manufacturers still had a few secret products that were yet to be released. Cooler Master had some of both when we visited, and one of them was the Cooler Master HAF-X Mid-Tower Computer Case.


NVIDIA 3D-Vision: Blu-Ray, Cameras, Projectors
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Benchmark Reviews tested the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit when it originally launched back in January, 2009. Comprising a set of battery-powered LCD shutter glasses, the infrared emitter to drive them, and special 120Hz refresh-rate monitors, it enabled high-quality 3D gaming with hundreds of games, as long as you had a sufficiently powerful NVIDIA video card.

In 2010, NVIDIA is planning to extend their 3D Vision technology into still photos, the web experience, gaming laptops, and upcoming 3D televisions. Benchmark Reviews recently attended an NVIDIA one-on-one briefing on these new technologies, which will be formally announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.


Seagate Interview: SSD and Enterprise Storage
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Benchmark Reviews has demonstrated a voracious appetite for high-speed storage technologies over the past few years, primarily fueled by our research and testing with Solid State Drive products. In this article Benchmark Reviews Executive Editor Olin Coles submitted several industry-specific questions directly to storage expert David Szabados, the Senior PR Manager responsible for enterprise storage, security, and future emerging storage technologies at Seagate Technology. David took time out of his busy schedule in the middle of the Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gbps SATA-III HDD product launch to directly answer many of the questions we asked. Benchmark Reviews asked Seagate questions that cover everything from increasing spindle speeds and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording to offering SSD products, which all help shape this technology interview into an extremely rare opportunity for our readers to learn of upcoming and developmental product plans directly from the manufacturer.

Q&A with David Szabados of Seagate Technology: SSD and Enterprise Storage

Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gbps SATA-III HDD Preview
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On 21 September 2009 Seagate Technology will be the first and only manufacturer to offer a SATA-III 6Gbps hard drive product with the large 64MB cache buffer as the 2TB Barracuda XT ST32000641AS is unveiled. Both combined improvements to burst rate and sustained bandwidth will mark a substantial improvement to the design of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage products, and the new technology is expected to give Solid State Drive (SSD) components some serious competition. The Seagate Barracuda XT series is designed for performance enthusiasts such as gamers, as well as small server systems. Additional enthusiast tools, such as the free Seagate SeaTools software, allow users to custom-define firmware parameters to enable performance features such as 'Short Stroke' and noise reduction. In this preview article, Benchmark Reviews reveals some of the improvements introduced with the Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gbps SATA-III ST32000641AS hard drive.


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