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NZXT Sentry 2 Touchscreen Fan Controller
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Benchmark Reviews has the pleasure of testing NZXT's newest fan control: the Sentry 2 Touchscreen Fan Controller. A step up from the Sentry 1 and a worthy stable mate for the Sentry LX. The Sentry 2 is a different approach to the same problem. A more elegant solution to a problem that has plagued computer enthusiasts since their earliest days; fan noise. With it's touchscreen controls it's a definite step in the right direction above and beyond it's predecessor the Sentry 1, the Sentry 2 is simplicity itself.

Taking up only half the space of the Sentry LX you might think the NZXT Sentry 2 has only half the features or capabilities but you'd be wrong. Gone are the buttons bells and whistles but what's left is the best of the LX with a touchscreen to make those core features even better and easier to use with some added benefits as well.


Sunbeam SATA-IDE-USB Adapter
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If you have a lot of spare hard drives laying around that you want to see if they work and what they contain, but dont want to take the effort to install them in your desktop, Sunbeamtech has a solution for you. This device is also a perfect fit for an IT person to use as a data recovery tool. The device I am referring to is the SATA and IDE to USB Adapter. Benchmark Reviews is pleased to give you a closer look at this device, and just what we can expect from a tool like this. It boasts USB 2.0 high-speed tranfer rates, and the ability to access files on drives both 2.5" and 3.5" in size. So, if you are an IT professional, or just someone who has a lot of spare drives laying around that you want to see what is on them, check out this product from Sunbeamtech, and the review from Benchmark Reviews.

NZXT Sentry LX SEN-001LX Digital Fan Controller
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With multiple core CPUs, multi-GPU video graphics sub-systems and hotter than hot mainboard north and southbridge chipsets it becomes necessary for most gaming computers to have more and more fans. With the fans comes noise. Of course there's water cooling, but not everyone is capable or even brave enough to give that a try. So what do you do? Well one option is to use a fan speed controller. There are many fan controllers available but today Benchmark Reviews will look specifically at the NZXT SEN-001LX Sentry LX aluminum digital dual-bay fan controller.


ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 HDTV/FM Tuner
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Those who want to watch over the air TV at all must either purchase a TV with an ATSC tuner installed or purchase one of the conversion boxes out there. For the HTPC crowd, it means that their tuner card must support ATSC just the same. Most cards out there are going to produce video results that are exactly the same, especially considering the signal and quality are more a factor of antenna reception than card quality. So, what's to make someone decide on one TV tuner over another? The ASUS My Cinema-EHD3-100 answers this question by going one step further than most cards out there to be your all-in-one media center card. It fully supports the ATSC and QAM digital TV specifications allowing you to access digital TV in high definition resolution. It also fully supports analog NTSC TV, analog video and radio. Plus, its on-board mpeg-2 encoder chip helps on-the-fly analog video recording. Is the My Cinema-EHD3-100 your HTPC answer? Benchmark Reviews will fill you in!

ASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini HDTV Tuner
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Come February 17, 2009, most major broadcast stations in the US will make the final switch from analog to digital broadcasts and this has been coming for a long time. This switch will affect the computer user two-fold. The analog video tuners that people bought long ago will not pick up broadcasts any longer. But, at the same time, it's a great opportunity for HTPC and media center builders to develop a digital TV recorder and viewer for their computers. The ASUS My Cinema U3100Mini steps into place as a portable digital TV tuner and recorder with the ability to accept both ATSC signals over the air as well as QAM signals through coaxial cable connections. Does the ASUS My Cinema U3100 Mini deliver? Read on and Benchmark Reviews will fill you in.


Rosewill 10.4-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104
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We are definitely in the middle of the digital age. It seems that everything is switching to digital ... TVs, DVDs, and now even picture frames. Digital picture frames aren't new, although, if you haven't seen them around you definitely haven't been paying attention. Benchmark Reviews will examine the Rosewill 10.4" Digital Photo Frame RDF-104 to see how it stands up with other comparable digital frames. Will it be a frame anyone would be happy to have on their desk? It might just be the perfect gift for anyone, even your techno-phobic friend or family member. Let's find out if the product is as good as the marketing suggests it should be.

Rosewill 10-Inch LCD Photo Frame RDF-104

VIZO Master Panel II Expansion Interface
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The VIZO Master Panel II Expansion Interface is a multifunctional controller panel; an updated version to Vizo's original Master Panel, that brings added provisions and features to where their needed...Up front. Here at Benchmark Reviews we are very familiar with the ongoing revolution in portable media. Wheather its uploading play-lists for an MP3 player or the day's pictures from a digital camera; everyone wants a convenient way to manage their data without having to fumble around the back of their cases. This popular demand has even driven manufacturers to add the most basic I/O ports to the front of PCs. However, with there being so many proprietary media standards, a convenient and centralized solution is still missing from many if not all case designs, leaving consumers looking to after market solutions for their needs.

VIZO Master Panel II Expansion Interface

Logitech Harmony 890-Pro Advanced Universal Remote
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Since none of the manufacturers filling my entertainment system shelves can offer more than simple one-device remotes, I was in need of either a deluxe remote control caddy with labeled organizer, or I would need to get a universal remote control and take a day off work just to program it. It was a quest for the unobtainable, a journey for the unthinkable; I wanted to replace a collection of remote controls with... One Remote to Control Them All. Logitech heard my cries of despair, and presented the Harmony 890 Pro Advanced Universal Remote Control to save the day.

Logitech Harmony 890 Pro Advanced Universal Remote

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